Apple sells one million iPhone 3Gs, 10 million apps downloaded

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Apple has said that just three days after its launch on Friday July 11, it has reached the 1 million mark; even though the hype wasn’t there (in those who got the first gen iPhone) and the lines were not that long.

The iPhone was sold in 21 different countries, including Australia, United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Hong Kong and New Zealand. The iPhone is now going to be sold in France in a couple of days time, on July 17.

For the Apps store, users went and downloaded up to 10 million apps so far, even though there were 500 at launch, meaning that roughly 20,000 download the same app (do the math!). But while you can just argue that this is just another phone, it is not. It is a platform, where you create applications for not only for the iPhone 3G, but for the 1st gen iPhone and the iPod Touch.

Wow – I really must be an Apple fanboy (who also likes Windows).