Week in Review : Feel the hangover of iPhone mania

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It is Sunday and it is time to bring you the news from TECHGEEK, The Journal and GamesArena in one whole blog post. If you haven’t realised by now, TECHGEEK has a brand new design – called Crystalline (Blue). You can read more by Terence Huynh, the Editor in Chief and Lead Designer for the ambitious project.

The Owners of The Guardian Newspaper, The Guardian Media Group, has bought paidContent’s parent company ContentNext Media for $30 million. It will also own three other blogs from the company, paidContent UK, mocoNews.net and contentSutra.

In Australia, Seven has made some indication that it wants the Olympics back. Seven lost the rights for the 2010 and 2012 Olympics, but it may get the 2014 and 2016 Olympics.

In Gaming, Konami has sued Harmonix and Viacom over their popular game Rock Band, saying it violates several patents including a “musical-rhythm matching game”.

Square Enix has made an iPod game, titled “Song Summoner: The Unsung Heroes” , that will allow you to use your songs on your iPod to determine your character’s skills.

Activision shareholders have agreed to merge with Vivendi Games, the owners of Blizzard (who created World of Warcraft). The proposal will see Vivendi becoming the major shareholder – having a 52% stake in the new gaming powerhouse.

EA and Hasbro brings Scrabble to Facebook, to compete with Mattel’s version for international users and Scrabulous. It will also be on pogo.com and have plans to release more Hasbro games to other social networks.

Fallout 3 has been given a “Refused Classification” rating, meaning that it is banned for sale unless, like Grand Theft Auto IV, it creates a modified version that meets the MA rating. The game does contain a number of mature subjects like drug abuse and extreme violence.

TECHGEEK, however, has gone iPhone mad – with information and pictures of the Apps Store on iTunes and reporting that the iPhone had activation problems. Oh, if you are wondering who has the best deal – Analysts have said that Optus offers the most flexible and affordable plans.

Meanwhile, a regional high-speed broadband in Victoria only serves three companies in only three years – wasting $702,000 in taxpayers money to maintain the network.

And in weird and wacky news: Malware authors have declared its World War III and Windows 3.11 gets its marching orders – 15 years since it was launched.

Oh, last but not least; TECHGEEK has now started supporting OpenID credentials for you to login and for some of you to help contribute. This will allow you to comment on posts more quickly since there is no reports of spammers using it as their advantage.

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