World sees iPhone activation problems

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Though the iPhone is already one day old around the world, the past few hours saw many Apple fanboys could not get their precious phone activated.

From paidContent, they said that the Apple Store was facing a system overload, and in the UK, its carrier O2 saw problems as its activation required Internet Explorer. In Australia, Optus faced a couple of problems with their activation.

Ars Technica is also reporting that some stores were selling the phones unactivated and telling consumers to go home and activate it through iTunes like the previous generation. However, they tried that and they were given an error message saying that the iTunes Store was down.

As well, we have heard that T-Mobile stores in the Netherlands were turning away customers because of the activation system was down. (Link is not in English, but in Dutch)

CNET is quoting an AT&T representative that it is an Apple issue and not AT&T. "This is not an AT&T activation server issue…Apple (is) working to address issues affecting its iTunes software right now," according to the email.

From what we are hearing now, all the activation servers are now back and running.

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