Vodafone announces iPhone plans – now, it’s up to you to decide.

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Vodafone has released its iPhone pricing plan for both New Zealand and Australia, but has failed to better the offering from rival Australian carriers, Telstra and Optus.

According to the pricing plan, which has been removed, the carrier will offer eight plans, four for business and four for consumers. All plans, except the $169 plans will see you paying for the 8GB model, but you will need to pay for the 16GB model for any plan regardless.

There is not any difference in plans, except for the amount. For the $69 plans, you will get $310 worth of talk and text & 250MB data. The $99 plans will get you $600 worth of talk and text & 500MB of data. The $119 plans will also offer 500MB worth of data, but includes $800 worth of talk and text. The $169 plans offer $1200 worth of talk and text & 1GB of data.

For New Zealanders, there are three plans – the iPhone 250, 500 and 1GB. The 250 plan will cost you $80 and include 120 minutes, 600 text messages and 250MB. The 500 plan will cost $130 and will include 250 minutes, 600 text messages and 500MB. And if you can afford it, the 1GB plan is for $250 and will include 600 minutes, 600 text messages and 1GB of data.

All plans in New Zealand will also see the consumer footing some money to pay for the phone – but it is unknown if it is a one-time thing or in monthly instalments. There are options for an iPhone without a plan, but it would cost you a bit. The 8GB model will cost $979 and the 16GB will cast you $1,129.

Comparing it with Telstra and Optus’ offerings – it is crap! So, that leaves Vodafone out of the race.