Welcome to Crystalline Blue, a.k.a the new TECHGEEK Design

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TECHGEEK is pleased to announce that we have a brand new design and we have ditched the dreaded red colouring (as many have said – like Jay, Stewart, Kenny, among others) and brought on this new design.

We, along with the editors for GamesArena (as they will be soon using it) and many of our editors and our design team at Antinomie Designs, have been working on this theme for over three months after launching the TECHGEEK’s “Celebration Theme”. That theme will be a back-up theme if we need to do some upgrades, etc.

As well, our new archive pages will now show you the content directly, and not make you click to view the content. Also, we have added Mixx, StumbleUpon and Reddit to the list of social bookmarking tools that you can use to help.

On a technical level, we have reduced the amount of coded pages from 20 to 12 – a dramatic reduction, as I have just discovered “Conditional Tags” – I know, but I’m slowly adding more skills to the site. As well, we have also reduce the page loads to have the site run on one stylesheet, and have less “wide” components (and that’s true – from three to one, the footer).

The design is also 990px wide, making content to appear not squashed. Though we know it will cause problems to many of you with resoulutions less than 1024×768, many of our visitors have a higher resoultion than 800×600.

The design, however, is not expected to start appearing at those CSS galleries as we don’t want to focus on vanity but on content. However, it is okay to have a bit of vanity – and that allows us to present content in a way that looks good on the eyes.

The official name for all the blog redesigns is Crystalline, and TECHGEEK will recieve the blue edition of this. The Journal will recieve black and GamesArena will have a colour that I have no idea to call it. As well, this will be an offering to all blogs on Reawaken Media – so that’s a good chance that you may see this on blogs under our name (P.S – We are looking for those who want to create an anime/manga blog with us).

The design will not be avaliable as a download, as we want to be exclsuive.

– Terence