Judge sees that your privacy doesn’t matter in Google/Viacom lawsuit

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As part of its $1 billion lawsuit against YouTube, Viacom had asked for the source code for all of its search functions on the YouTube site, its new "Video ID" program and databases containing all user information and every video hosted on YouTube, including all private videos and those removed.

Though Viacom won’t be able to get all of the source codes, it will be able to access all the databases containing what videos you watch and all videos hosted and those were removed. However, your private videos will not be given to Viacom.

The user database, which is 12TB, will allow Viacom to determine on all the views that its content uploaded without their permission – among the other information that could be used against other lawsuits. In other words – if you watch anime on YouTube, Viacom will now know what anime you watched.

YouTube currently insists that it is protected by the DMCA’s "safe harbour" provisions, but with this decision – it looks like that the case would continue until 2010.

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