iTunes AU going to sell movies – in one month’s time

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APC Magazine has confirmed that Apple will be rolling out movie sales on the Australian version of the iTunes store within the next month. However, it looks like that it would favour Perth-based internet service provider, iiNet.

iiNet is the only local ISP that offers unmetered downloads on iTunes downloads, which was introduced in April last year. iiNet’s Mark White has told APC that it would not change, even though the files are now much larger in capacity.

iiNet will also look for other sources to be unmetered, bringing it in competition with Telstra’s Bigpond Unmetered services – many of them are from the Bigpond site themselves.

Pricing has not been disclosed, and also what studios have signed up. It is expected that it would be a similar model in the US, where you can either buy or rent the movie.