eBay pushes ahead with controversial PayPal plan

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eBay Australia has not ruled out taking court action to ensure its new payment policy is enforced, even though the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) released a draft proposal to revoke its immunity from anti-competitive sanctions if it enforces the policy last month.

The company said it would fight for the "safety benefits" for "consumers". However, some say the new plan was "very aggressive" – and yesterday, about 50 members of the auction site and interested parties gathered around a conference to discuss the notice, which currently has a July 3 deadline for all submissions – which means you got two days to get your anger out.

About 90 percent of comments opposed the new plan – though Simon Smith, eBay Australia’s chief, said that it would be addressed in its submission.

The new plan would see all auctions would be done with PayPal or Cash on Delivery, meaning that you could not use credit cards, direct debit, cheques and money transfer. Also, since PayPal is owned by eBay, it is seen as double dipping, as one commenter on the TECHGEEK site said.

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