Well look at that – Next G is now a barcode scanner

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Tomorrow, Telstra will be pushing out a new software update to half a million customers that will see their camera being used as a barcode reader. The new software will be supported by a couple of phones on their line-up, including Nokia’s 6120 and N95.

The new software works like this: You would see a barcode and you would scan it and it will direct you to a relevant web page. It will be using two standards – Data Matrix and quick response codes, both internationally recognised standards.

As well, these barcodes can transfer information from business cards to their phone books, scan their travel itineraries to show information about their flights or find reviews of television shows and movies.

Users will not pay a single cent for the extra costs related to the new software – however, in the future, they may place warnings that users may be charged for data – take for example, a song download.