Activision releases Guitar Hero version of Aerosmith

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Aerosmith fans will now be able to act like Steven Tyler and Joe Perry as Activision released a brand new game under its Guitar Hero series.

Dubbed "Guitar Hero: Aerosmith", dozens flocked the Hard Rock restaurant in Times Square to see the band debut and try out the game for themselves. The game will also feature 30 of the band’s notable hits, like "Love in an Elevator" and "Sweet Emotion" – and will also include songs from other artists that Aerosmith collaborated or performed with.

The game’s controller will have the famous logo of the band emblazoned on the "guitar".

The bundle will be available for all Next-Gen consoles for $99.99, but for the game itself will cost $59.99. A PlayStation 2 version of the game will be sold for $49.99 – but a bundle will cost $89.99.

The company will also release "Guitar Hero : World Tour" during this Christmas season, and will include a drum kit and a microphone. This will bring it in competition with another title "Rock Band" – which is produced by MTV and EA.