Screw Twitter – We want to know your best Twitter Alternative!

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Twitter is now turning into crap, with constant downtime and many features being disabled for a short (or long) period of time. Now I’m getting fed up with it. So I’ve decided to list my alternatives for a Twitter alternative, all of them I have used.


The now-Google owned service was one of the major competitors to Twitter, and still is. It even goes further to allow you to have your RSS feeds from blogs and data from services like Last.FM. There is the same character limit, but there is limited customisability.


The Kevin Rose-owned company is another favourite with others, and it looks like a more classier version of Twitter. It even offers some themes, but if you can pay for an upgrade, you can create your own. It also embeds photos, videos and links – and there is no word limit. While there is no way you can add your feeds as ‘notes’, you can put links of your social network profiles.


FriendFeed is the other alternative to Twitter; while maintaining its own site. With its special application, AlertThingy, you can post Tweets to your Twitter account.


Yes, remember that service. It is a very good start-up, which is growing. From our review, it seems that it has added some features (stay tuned for a re-review), but there is no SMS feature and there is still a limited number of people who use the service.

Now, I’m wondering what is your idea for a Twitter alternative. We may also listed on this post – so go ahead. Also make sure that you also link to the site, I don’t want to go burying for it.

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