Heartbreak over at Yahoo – founders of Flickr & Del.icio.us leave

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Joining the long list of executives leaving Yahoo (TechCrunch has a list of the executives, too long to count); both the founders of Flickr and Del.icio.us have left their posts at Yahoo.

Stewart Butterfield and Caterina Flake, the husband-and-wife founders of Flickr, and Joshua Schachter, the founder of Del.icio.us, have all resigned from their posts. Both of their companies were aquired in 2005 by Yahoo – both very popular sites on Yahoo’s network of sites.

While Butterfield left on June 13, his wife Flake will leave on July 12. Schachter, speaking to the Michael Arrington, has said that his decision was due to the recent news from Yahoo.

Yahoo has been gaining bad press in recent months, due to its acqusition by Microsoft and its new non-exclusive search advertising deal with Google. As well, as mentioned, many executives have left the company – with many resigning since the start of 2007. Jerry Yang started his CEO position in June 2007.