Rumour Mill : Is this the Pricing for the iPhone in Oz?

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imageIs this the price for the iPhone in Australia? (Source)

RUMOUR MILL: APC claims that they know the pricing of the iPhone in Australia, which is above this article. The screenshot comes from Domayne’s point of sale system.

But you might want to look away since the pricing is way expensive. These prices are also claimed to be "outright prices". The 8GB version would cost $699.99 (or US$656.24) and the 16GB version would cost $999.99 (or US$937.49). Compare that to the US pricing – but those prices are subsidised by AT&T.

However, don’t get your hopes up just yet. The model numbers (MB666P/A) done on a Google search takes you to a discussion thread on MacTalk Forums. As well, it could be a fake – since the numbers ‘666’ may be just a placeholder; or a joke indicating that the iPhone is the devilphone (OK, I stole it from them).

Remember – these could be fake! So just keep waiting (until July 11).

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