AP stories are banned : TechCrunch

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One of the most influential technology blogs, TechCrunch, has decided to ban all news stories done by the Associated Press, after over the weekend it sent 7 DMCA takedown notices to Rogers Cadenhead’s Drudge Retort after linking to their posts.

TECHGEEK won’t do something that drastic, since we are not that influential anyway. But, the AP is a co-operative news agency owned by its "contributing newspapers, radio and television stations", according to its Wikipedia page. This means papers like the Washington Post and the New York Times own a stake in the company.

Does this mean that they can’t link any story from the Washington Post or the New York Times?

Basically, TechCrunch is saying that they won’t link, see or quote them; and they are banned until they drop the new strategy. Now, they can’t use Google News – unless they find a Reuters or AFP equivalent.

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