Hulu gets big coup – two Viacom shows

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NBC Universal’s and News Corporation’s rival Viacom has now seen the light – sort of. Viacom is lending two popular shows on its Comedy Central television channel to the joint venture, which is gaining popularity, and I think it is a major coup, since it only has shows from NBC Universal and News Corporation among the other video content from The Onion and CNET.

Since launching in October 2007, and gone public in March; it has been getting praise, content providers, and traffic. Ars Technica is also boasting that more than 63 million videos have been stream to date.

It has also expanded to Movies, from Sony Pictures, Universal, Warner Bros. and Fox’s movie catalogue.

Competing US networks like ABC and CBS, however, have yet to jump on the bandwagon – likely due to the control and revenue NBC demands for being on Hulu. According to Silicon Ally Insider, CBS has 191 partners who are distributing its content, including on AOL and MSN – the same sites that has to give up 30 percent of its ad revenue to get Hulu content.

While Viacom is giving Hulu a try, its offering consists of 15 episodes from both The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report. However, Viacom is also launching full episodes for both of them at their respective sites at and Comedy Central’s site – and I could actually view it from Australia.

TechCrunch is also saying that PBS will be adding shows to Hulu later this month, including its flagship shows – like NOVA and Wired Science (which got the axe! BOO!)

Now, can you focus on your ‘international expansion’ in Canada and Australia – because frankly, you are worst than Apple on not giving us things.