SA to offer smartcard for transport

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South Australia will follow New South Wales and Victoria in the cashless smartcard ticketing for its public transport with $29 million over three years to kick start the system.

The system will include its 812 buses, 99 trains and 15 trams; with the new system to be implemented in 2009/10 but to be operational until 2013. As well, it has been working on the specifications for the project for about a year, and it should be finalised in another three months, when the tender process.

However, the South Australian goverment will choose its supplier with caution, after seeing their state-wide counterparts battling their ticketing systems; with the NSW cancelling their Tcard project after giving a fourth extension to have the ITSL to implement the system.

Victoria’s myki is also suffering, with another funding increase and won’t surface until 2012.

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