IE8 coming in August…

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Microsoft has finally announced a second beta version of its next version of its internet browser, Internet Explorer 8.

IE Beta 2 will target ordinary web users, and will come out will all the features that will be there when the full, completed version is out – though some may contain bugs.

It has also pledged to deliver more updates to versions of Internet Explorer, after the Firefox browser (owned by Mozilla) has been slowly chipping away Microsoft’s share. Mozilla is also testing out a new version of its Firefox browser, Firefox 3.

While Microsoft has the backing of its Windows XP/Vista to support its browser, Mozilla has gain some market share after being affiliated with Google – who provided around 85 percent of revenue to the Mozilla Foundation, according to filings published last October.

No release date has been set for Internet Explorer 8. Its predecessor, Internet Explorer 8, was released in October 2006.

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