Group wants Wi-Fi banned in New Mexico

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A group in New Mexico wants the state authorities to remove all Wi-Fi hotspots from all public buildings, according to VNUNet. They claim that the technology causes allergic reactions.

The want the Wi-Fi to be removed from libraries and then from all other buildings.

The group claims to be "electro-sensitive" and deserve to be able to live without Wi-Fi and they believe that they are being discriminated against the Americans with Disabilities Act. He also claims that the telecommunications industry has "suppressed damaging evidence about the technology since 1927".

One of the Group’s members is Arthur Firstenberg, who wrote a book titled Microwaving Our Planet: The Environmental Impact of the Wireless Revolution.

To Me, this sounds stupid. No offense at all, but everyone is wired and this would cause a floodgates of lawsuits by the group to many other buildings who have Wi-Fi. Why should we take down the Wi-Fi for a small minority.

Government officials have dismissed the fears as groundless, but they are checking the legal situation.