aaNet launches ADSL2+ – offers 200GB plan

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aaNet, which is known for its cut-price broadband service, has launched a new set of plans using its parent company EFTel’s new ADSL2+ network.

The plans excel from $24.90/month for 2GB, and $34.90 for 10GB – but that is bundled with other products offered by aaNet. Higher end plans include a 100GB plan (the highest) for $124.90. Whirlpool’s Phi Sweeney also says that it will continue with its unusual system of counting the downloads during its offpeak hours (2AM to 10AM) at 50%.

As well, it will offer a “launch special” plan with 200GB with 50GB onpeak and 150GB offpeak, with bundling, for $69.90. Offpeak times have been reduced to 3AM to 9AM.

It coincides with iPrimus’ announcement of its new 200GB plan, but Whirlpool has revealed that it will only have 40GB onpeak and 160GB used during its offpeak times – which are the same as aaNet. The plan will cost $79.95/month, and you will need to have an iPrimus phone service to be able to get it.

It’s parent company still continues to say that its network is VDSL2 capable, but the standard has not been approved for use in Australia yet. It has 47 exchanged, with another 32 planned – dubbed “phase 1”.

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