CNET TV Embed Video? Easy!

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I really don’t believe in promoting other blogs, but this is kinda like a tip because I listen to Buzz Out Loud. While the video embed code is there already on some of the blogs run by CNET or their employees, CNET TV does not allow you to have an embed code.

Well, TECHGEEK (which I should mention is not affiliated to CNET) has found a way. As well, I am not going to put up the links, well except the embedded video, unless they pay me some advertising money. That or just plug this on Buzz Out Loud – That would be so cool.

1. Look At the Link Code
The Link to the video contains the Video’s ID number. For example, a link to one of the Buzz Report’s Videos would be “” – the part in bold is the ID.

2. Take the Embed Code
An easy way to get the embed code is to get it off from one of the blogs from CNET or their employees. If you are lazy, I’ll put an example of the embed code here:

<object width=”335″ height=”360″><param name=”movie” value=”” /><param name=”wmode” value=”transparent” /><param name=”allowFullScreen” value=”true” /><param name=”FlashVars” value=”playerType=embedded&value=50002305″ /><embed src=”” type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” wmode=”transparent” width=”335″ height=”360″ allowFullScreen=”true” FlashVars=”playerType=embedded&value=50002305″ /></object>

3. Change the code
Now change the “&value=50002305” on the embed and object tags to “&value=THE ID OF THE VIDEO“. You would replace THE ID OF THE VIDEO placeholder to the actual ID of the video, which you should have found in Step One.

And you are done. Simple steps to get to embed a CNET TV Video. Didn’t take that long – unless you have no idea what the hell I am talking about. Below is the final result.

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