Microsoft fights EU – again

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Microsoft and the European Union have not had a best relationship, especially on Microsoft’s business policies. After alleging that the giant engaged in price fixing, the European Commission handed down massive fines.

The first was handed down in 2004 after losing their case with the Commission and was handed down a USD$690M. The second was handed down after an appeal and not paying the first fine and handed down a record USD$1.4 billion.

Now it looks like the Commission want more money, as it has currently two investigations against the giant.

But Microsoft is fighting back, after announcing that it will be fighting the latest fine; appealing to the European Court of First Instance (How many courts do they have?), hoping it could be reduced or dropped.

A spokesperson of the Commission, Jonathan Todd, has defended the decisions, saying that the courts upheld that Microsoft refused to comply with the ruling for 3 years.

But if that does not work, Microsoft is trying to get on the good side; with trying to create an “open” standard to help defend itself against one investigation launched, which is about Microsoft engaging in anticompetitive behaviour in the word processing market with Microsoft Office.

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