Telstra to carry iPhone in Australia

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Another source has confirmed to that Telstra will be the third provider of the so-called ‘god machine’ at the end of June.

The news comes after that Optus and Vodafone will be selling the iPhone, with Vodafone confirming that it is selling it, and in New Zealand.

While there is no confirmation from Apple, Telstra and Optus on the deal; the iPhone was speculated not to be on the Telstra network as it was thought the iPhone would be only on the 850MHz 3G frequency, which Telstra does not have on the Next G network.

But with this latest news, it could see a multi-frequency (850/2100MHz) 3G capable iPhone to work on both Next G and Optus/Vodafone’s network. Vodafone and Optus supports both the 850MHz and 2100MHz.

Telstra declined to comment on the matter, but understands that the deal will be announced at the end of the month.

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