iiNet to buy WA ISP for $81 million

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Australian internet service provider iiNet has said that it would buy fellow Western Australian ISP Westnet for $81 million.

This will bring iiNet closer to the top two ISPs in Australia, in subscriber numbers; with 685,000 subscribers. Optus has one million subscribers, with Telstra having around 2.5 million.

The privately owned Wesnet is the sixth-largest ISP in Australia, with 180,000 subscribers. It also provides telephony services and web hosting. Over half of its revenue, according to ZDNet Australia, comes from reselling wholesale ADSL broadband connections over Optus and Telstra.

The acquision comes after the continuing trend of ISPs merging with each other; with SP Telemedia (Soul) forked out $150 million for fellow competitor TPG in February.

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