Cuba lifts ban on home computers

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Cuba has now lifted a ban on personal computers, in a series of restrictions being lifted in recent weeks by the new President, Raul Castro.

Crowds formed at the Carlos III shopping centre at Havana, though many came to look at them only. The computers will cost $800, though many will have to wait months, even years, to purchase one as the average wage is under $20 a month.

But some do have access to extra income, many from relatives outside of the Communist state.

Since taking over the presidency in February, Raul Castro ended many restrictions and has allowed access to previously banned goods, including mobile phones and DVD players. However, internet access is still regulated and restricted to workplaces, schools and universities.

The government has implied that they would like to open it, but has said that it is unable to connect to the undersea cable due to a US trade embargo. All internet connections are provided via satellite, but that has limited bandwidth and is very expensive to use.

However, it is unknown whether will the internet will still be unrestricted once the connection is completed.