iPhone now has an (non-exclusive) carrier in Australia

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After months of speculation by us and by everyone; an industry insider has confirmed to CNET.com.au that Optus would be selling the iPhone, with sales and service commencing in the last week of June.

However, unlike the others in Europe and in the United States, it is not exclusive contract – meaning that there would be more than one carrier.

Optus is set to make plans to announce the service at Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s conference on the 9th of June, where it is rumoured that Steve Jobs will launch the next generation of the iPhone.

While the source did not confirm if the 3G version will be coming in Australia, they did say that they were expecting the new ones.

This brings further speculation to which of the other carriers will also sell the iPhone, with the first operating on the EDGE network. In Australia, Telstra is the only carrier with that technology. But, the new 3G technology could open the doors of the other carriers, who all have a 3G service.

But the specifications may exclude Telstra as it would need to support the 850MHz frequency, and not only the 2100MHz – which is more common in Australia, Europe and parts of Asia.

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