15 cents for just an extra 2GB? Hell no!

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Optus has this weird thing on your internet where you have to pay an extra 15c for every MB, with a maximum of 2GB. This is absurd, and outrageous.

It’s just another money-making scheme, where we are in a middle of paying higher interest rates and many of us losing our homes or have to cut back spending. These, however, are making additional hell. And I’m facing it.

And plus, since we are now tech-savvy, we will easily take the 2GB instantly; meaning we are losing in the family budget of $300. This is what I call greedy.

And now let’s compare the fat cats from Optus with Exetel (and 360NET, since they resell them), a much better provider. While we are losing $300 for 2GB, Exetel’s plans have an excess charge gigabyte. This means that with Exetel/360NET, you can just waste $6.00 for the same 2GB excess, with no limitations.

And I might be facing more than $300, because their counter does not stop from 2GB; it stopped at nearly 3GB. That makes them more greedy. That money is just going straight to the bank accounts of their executives, and even worst, leaving 1% to their “technical support” in Bangladesh, India or wherever the f**k they are.

Hell, and I’m not proud of saying this; this action makes Telstra look good. Hell, I might be happy if the OPEL group did not make the regional Wi-Max network.

Come on Optus, why do you need to screw me and every one of your customers around. Give us a break.

Now, if you excuse me, I need to light a candle. This way, I could save hundreds of dollars from the electricity bill to save myself from getting the ass kicked from my house.

Shame on you!