Europe games rating face update

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The Pan European Game Information, or PEGI, is set to get a ratings update after a survey was done in all of the EU member states.

The survey has revealed that some nations have not done anything to enforce the age limits, with a code of conduct is being suggested with retailers around Europe.

The survey was carried out by the European Commission, after a request by the Council of the EU. It found that 20 states that use PEGI and back up its recommendations on who should play what game, by different means.

It also found that Germany and Lithuania were the only members that has specific laws concerning how games are sold. Malta has enacted laws on the sales of games, but less broad. A further 15 states have laws that ban the sale of "harmful" games to minors.

However, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Romania and Slovenia have no laws relating to the sale of harmful games.

The Commission hopes that game retailers sign up to the code of conduct, which is expected to be drawn up by 2010.