Intel slashes quad-core chips by 50%

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In a move that signals the "next phase", as APC says, Intel has slashed the price of the Q6700 Core 2 Duo Quad processor in half, with the other chips in its line reduced by 30 percent. The Q6700 now sells for US$266, or around AU$280; from the original price of US$530, or AU$558.50.

In total, it has reduced the pricing of 14 processors in what now the industry watchers are seeing it as a move to put pressure on its rival, AMD.

The new price cut will be good news for many gamers, who were ogling on the powerful quad-core machines, but the price may have been steep to make the plunge. Even better, the PC manufacturers have reduced their prices for their high-end gaming computers.

Dell is offering the XPS 420 for $2128, but the price cut would push it down to the sub-$2000 category. This means you can get a quad-core processor, 500GB of storage, 2GB of RAM and and a 20-inch flat screen monitor for under $2000. (This is not an advertisement).

Also taking a price cut is the Xeon server processors, with the X3230 slicing 50 percent of its price to become US$266. These price cuts are mainly focused on those using Intel’s 65-nanometer process, with the company moving to the newer 45-nanometer production process and will push the old stock for the new stock.

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