Office 2007 is not compatible with OOXML

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Microsoft now has some explaining to do after a document standards specialist has said that the latest version of Office does not conform to the latest OOXML (Office Open XML) standard.

Alex Brown, the leader of the ISO group in charge of heading the OOXML standard, has said in a blog post that the Office 2007 does not meet the latest specifications of the draft standard after being handed over to the ISO.

"Word documents generated by today’s version of Microsoft Office 2007 do not conform to ISO/IEC 29500," he wrote, recounting the process of testing a document against the "strict" and "transitional" schema defined in the new standard.

The revelations come after Microsoft’s file format, an XML-based format, was narrowly accepted to become a new standard. Since then, ISO has now control over the format and specification.

The OOXML being rendered in Office 2007 is now deemed incompatible due to changes made at a ballot resolution meeting.

In a best case scenario, Microsoft would have to release a patch to all Office 2007 products in its line using the new OOXML formats to match it. It would then need to release more patches if more changes are introduced.

But in the meantime, TECHGEEK suggests you save it in .doc format, the format used in Office 97, XP and 2003.

The ISO also hopes to make OOXML cross-compatible with the OpenDocument Format (ODF) standard, meaning that you would be able to use it on both Office and OpenOffice.