Anti-CNN group hacked sports sites

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An anti-CNN group promoting to hack the site has hacked into two sites relating to sports, one under the’s Sports Illustrated name. and were both hacked Early Sunday, with the former still showing the message written by the group.

“Tibet WAS,IS,and ALWAYS WILL BE a part of China!” it says.

“We are not against the western media, but against the lies and fabricated stories in the media.”

These anti-western stance was caused by the media’s reporting in the Tibetan region, where rioting and violence have occurred in the lead up in the Beijing Olympic Games. Protests are actively campaigning for the former state of Tibet to be free from China’s Communist rule.

As well, TechCrunch is reporting that many Chinese MSN users are adding “Love China” to combat against the anti-Western stance.

On the forums of “Hack CNN”, via a translation from Google Translator; there is a special forum dedicated to the hacking, dubbed the “Core Area”, is password protected.

As well, they offer people a download of a piece of software which, what TECHGEEK understands, is that the software would crash the servers of CNN if it was used by many people. They also suggest that you go put it up in your Startup folder so it would run automatically.

However, hackers thought taking down the SI site was CNN’s sports site. They are both owned by the same company, yet they are two different properties that share the domain.

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