eBay hacker arrested in Romania

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A hacker notorious of repeatedly accessing the off-limit parts of the eBay’s network and bragged about it in the public has been arrested, according to the company.

Vlad Constantin Duiculescu, also known as Vladuz, was arrested by Romanian police force with the help of the US Secret Service, the FBI and eBay’s global fraud investigation team. It would not discuss additional details; and both the Secret Service and the FBI could not be reached for comment.

eBay officials managed to contact Duiculescu by pretending to be interested in purchasing the application. They both agreed on the "deal" and Duiculescu gave out his real address – leading to his arrest.

According to The Register, he was arrested in a communist-era housing project in the capital, Bucharest.

He came to the public spotlight last year after having gained credentials to access employee-only sections of the eBay site. The breach allowed him to masquerade as an eBay official in the forums. Though never offering proof, he claimed to gain full access to the restricted parts.

eBay, however, says he only accessed limited parts of the system, and never accessed sections of the admin functions of the storage of credit card numbers.

The breach were an embarrassment to the company who was founded on trust and security, with many members speculating that a small, but vocal, group of members put in a backdoor into the system.

One Romanian site is reporting that he is accused of also illegally accessing the email accounts of users between 2005 and 2007.

The court in the capital cit has remanded the hacker in custody for 29 days.

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