AT&T says internet to reach full capacity by 2010

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In less than two years, the current network architecture that makes up the Internet may reach its limits in 2010; according to the U.S telecommunications giant, AT&T.

Speaking at the Westminster eForum in London; Jim Cicconi, the vice president of legislative affairs at AT&T, warned that the current systems will not be able to cope with the increasing amounts of video and user-generated content that is being constantly uploaded to sites.

Speaking at the event as part of meetings with the UK government officials, he said that at least $5 billion was needed to invest in new infrastructure in the US alone for the next three years. He also claimed that the “new wave” of traffic would increase 50-fold by 2015; with AT&T investing $19 billion to maintain and upgrade its network.

He also warns that HD content would create the increasing strain on the network.

“Eight hours of video is loaded onto YouTube every minute. Everything
will become HD very soon, and HD is 7 to 10 times more bandwidth-hungry
than typical video today. Video will be 80 percent of all traffic by
2010, up from 30 percent today,” he said.

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