Telstra’s CDMA to close in days

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Telstra will shut down the CDMA mobile phone network after the Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has told the press that the giant telco has met the requirements that would allow such closure.

The CDMA network is being superseded for the new Next G Network, and Telstra has told customers to switch or move to another network.

The ten-year-old network served almost two million users in the regional areas of Australia. Telstra wanted to shut down the network in 2007, but the government forced it to be postponed until it met the requirements.

Telstra will also provide a hotline for those who are want their questions resolved and its handset replacement program for those who switched to Next G. You can call them on 1800 888 888. However, on July 1; it will continue the handset exchange using the established customer service line on 125 111.

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