Google to make job cuts

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Google has announced its first job axing at its online advertising unit DoubleClick by axing 300 jobs, about one-quarter of it’s 1,200 workforce in the US. Worldwide, it has 1,500 employees.

Eric Schmidt, the chief executive of Google, also suggested that overseas operations maybe affected but at a later date.

Some workers have been already laid off already, with Google saying that others will be offered contract jobs after the two companies are ‘fully integrated’. Google bought DoubleClick for over $3 billion and was completed just less than a month ago, after being held up by competition regulators for over a year.

The deal was heavily criticized by many non-profit privacy groups, Microsoft and AT&T. They had argued that it would give Google unprecedented access to information about the consumer and their online behaviors.

On top of the layoffs, Google says it will also sell DoubleClick’s Preformics Search Marketing; which helps marketers place ads on search engines, including Google, Yahoo and Microsoft.

Danny Sullivan, editor of praised the decision of selling it off, as many saw it represented a “conflict of interest” for Google, and says it was not unexpected.

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