SonyBMG caught using ‘warez’

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Sony BMG, like other media companies, movie studios or record companies, is not a stranger to piracy as they tend to protect their ‘assets’ and punishing those who don’t pay for the products.

But it has been revealed by a French news site [translation], and ZeroPaid and Ars Technica, that Sony BMG may have been a hypocrite.

PointDev, a French software company that makes Windows admin tools, is said that it received a call from a employee for support and found out that the licence code for one of their products, Ideal Migration, was pirated.

The subsequent raid also found that the same software was installed on four of Sony BMG’s servers, with the Business Software Alliance saying that up to 47% of their computers may have the pirated software.

These claims are pretty serious; given that Sony BMG, and other companies, have been trying to stop piracy using drastic tactics.

PointDev is claiming €300,000 in damages (over US$475,000) from its lawsuit against Sony BMG.

Agustoni Paul-Henry, the CEO of PointDev, said – according to a translation by Zeropaid, “I think piracy is linked to the policy of a company. If the employee has the necessary funding to buy the software they need, it will. If this is not the case, he will find alternative ways, as the work must be done in one way or another.”

An additional report from La Province also says that Paul-Henry wants to make this an example.

As well, apparently Sony told La Province [translation] that it should not report on the ongoing investigation.

Sony BMG is 50% owned by Sony Corporation in Japan and 50% owned by Bertelsmann AG in Germany.