Hackers threaten to publish fingerprints

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A German hacker group has threatened to publish Chancellor Angela Merkel’s fingerprints in its new campaign to stop the government introducing the use of biometric data in new passports.

The CCC, or the Chaos Computer Club, is one of Germany’s oldest and largest hacker organisations and has published the Interior Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble’s fingerprints in its magazine. They were taken off a water glass he used at a public debate, according to the CCC.

Spokesperson for the hacker organisation Frank Rieger said that it would be easier to collect samples from other public figures including the Chancellor, who supported the usage of biometric data on the passports.

Former interior minister Otto Schily, president for the federal criminal office Joerg Ziercke and Bavarian premier Guenther Beckstein were also possible targets.

He also added: “We are receiving lots of offers from people right now, saying I can get this person here, this person there.”

The CCC argues that fingerprints are a poor choice for identification documents as they are too easy to collect and also reproduce – with the group releasing a 12 step guide to create a fake set of fingerprints.