Technology in sports

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This Article is being written whilst i am watching the game of Manchester United vs Liverpool, which by my opinion has had some of the worst umpireing i have ever seen and personally, i’m appalled by this. Which sparks the debate of should technjology be used in Sporting competition.

In this debate some things need to be made clear, technology of course one day will be implemented in sports, this argument is about the immediate introduction into sports.


1. i’t will avoid controversy like the one appearing infront of me.

2. It would reduce arguments about wrong or right calls

3. It would be Fair


1. It would remove the spontenuity from the game, which some people like.

2. It would cost to put togethor and to fix, with money that could be spent on training umpires.

3. What would happen if it were to break down.

Personally i know what i think, but i am curious as to what you other people think.

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