Latest Vista update creates havoc to users

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Just days after it was released, Vista SP1 has created more problems for more users of the successor of Windows XP, which came out in 2001.

Users are finding that it is suffering from speed and compatibility issues, even Microsoft executives are complaining about it after emails were made public during a US court case about it’s “Vista Capable” guide.

The service pack was to improve the performance and security of the expensive and plagued operating system, but eventually did the opposite, creating more headaches – to the already added headaches of Vista.

Technology websites are showing users hatred of the latest service pack, with some could not install the update at all.

The SP1 website has said that it would not work if the computer uses some devices by Intel, Symantec or RealTek AC. It also tells them
they have to resolve these issues before they upgrade.

It is also not compatible with certain applications, mostly security applications like ZoneAlarm Security Suite and BitDefender Antivirus.

But those who installed the update noticed only minor improvements in speed; with the Extreme Tech website testing it on the graphic-intensive game Crysis, and ntoing that it was slightly faster than XP but fell behind XP if it was on a high-resoultion setup.

Team member Brandon LeBlanc has issued an apology on the Windows Vista Team Blog.

“I apologize to all who are experiencing issues with Windows Vista SP1,” he wrote.

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