AnyDVD craks BD+ DRM

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Boing Boing is reporting that Slysoft, the makers of the famous DVD-copying software AnyDVD HD, has managed to crack the new anti-copying system used on Blu-Ray disks.

Known as BD+, it was thought to be uncrackable and was one of the reasons cited by many pundits for its victory over HD-DVD in the format wars. BD+ allowed the movie studios to include applications on the disks with some can downgrade or not play parts of the disk.

“Admittedly, we are not really so fast with this because actually we had intended to publish this release already in December as promised. However, it was decided for strategic reasons to wait a bit for the outcome of the “format war” between HD DVD and Blu-ray. On top of
that, we first wanted to see our assumptions confirmed about the in the meantime released BD+ titles regarding the BD+ Virtual Machine. We are rather proud to have brought back to earth the highly-praised and previously “unbreakable” BD+. However, we must also admit that the Blu-ray titles released up to now have not fully exploited the possibilities of BD+,” Peer van Heuen, the head of High-Definition technologies, said in a press release.

“Future releases will undoubtedly have a modified and more polished BD+ protection, but we are well prepared for this and await the coming developments rather relaxed.”

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