Schoolgirl must pay for vicious attacks

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Samantha Fletcher, 15, has been told that she must pay $20 to remove content that was posted as of a result from a schoolyard feud on Wednesday.

The site, US-based Dating Psychos, has refused her requests to remove those comments of which they have accused her of racially taunting classmates and insulting an anorexic student.

The teenager, according to the Courier Mail on Wednesday, was shocked that the profile on the dating site last year after she entered her name in a search engine last year.

“I found it after reading a magazine article about stuff you can find about yourself on the internet, so I checked my name thinking it wouldn’t be anything bad,” she told the Courier Mail on Wednesday.

“I read it and I almost died. I emailed them and asked them to remove the material because it wasn’t true but there was a little note on their website saying that they would require a $20 fee to take it away.”

She has said that the perpetrator was a girl that she had an argument with more than two years ago.

The administrator of the site, known as J-Dog, wrote that the content was “entertaining” and hoped friends and family of the victims would read it.

As of writing, her page has been taken over by a message. It has not been hacked, but it says that “the administrators were lame enough to allow HTML when updating profiles of adding comments”. The message also provides a link to

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