Hulu ready to make public debut

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The internet site created by NBC Universal and News Corporation, who own NBC and FOX respectively and other cable channels in the US and International markets, is set to be open on Wednesday. Named Hulu, the site was only available under an invitation-only basis.

Nonetheless, the site that began five months ago has already has a wide selection of video content from short clips to full episodes and even started serving HD clips and even movies. Now, this is set to be extended as many new shows, movies and archived footage are going to hit the new site.

Shows like Dirt, The Incredible Hulk, Babylon 5, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and The Dick Van Dyke Show are set to join the list of already long list of shows from both NBC Universal and News Corp. As well, it will offer NBA and NHL highlights and past NCAA championship basketball games.

Movies to feature on the site include The Usual Suspects, Requiem for a Dream and Ice Age.

Recent studies have found that consumers are interested in long-form online video and Hulu will become the most ambitious project to show if the public is interested of TV shows and movies on the internet. The company will also offer free videos from more than 50 top broadcast and cable networks, movie studios and Web content providers.

Partners have already included Sony Pictures, G4 and CNET.

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