Olympic Games site serves dodgy games

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The operators of the official website of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games have removed an online flash game after a graphics designer said that it was ripped off a game he created two years prior.

The organising committee, the BOCOG, has not yet commented on the matter and have not replied to questions sent by The Age.

Cadin Batrack, a graphics designer from Brooklyn NY, said that he was shocked to see his game “Snow Day” appeared on the Beijing 2008 site with only minor changes and without his permission.

“They downloaded the swf (Shockwave Flash) file from my site, decompiled it, swapped out the little guy for the Fuwa characters, took my name off of it and republished it as their own,” he wrote on his blog.

The Fuwa (which means “good luck dolls” in Chinese) are the five official mascots for this year’s Olympic Games in Beijing. They also represent one of the five rings featured in the Olympic logo.

And it is not hard to spot the similarities when they are side-by-side, as both shoot projectile ice cubes at passing clouds to make it snow. He has sent a cease and desist to the operators of the official site, Sohu, and the BOCOG and was “considering my legal options”.

Two other games on the site, Obstacle Race and Leap and Leap, bear the resemblance to two other games that appear on the flash games site Orisinal. However, the artwork has changed significantly but the core gameplay are virtually identical.

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