Underbelly reaches Geelong TV screens

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And you thought that the internet could stop it… Channel Nine’s controversial drama Underbelly has been reportedly made it to television screens around Geelong after freakish weather in the area.

Atmospheric interference has apparently allowed the show, which is banned in Victoria due to a suppression order, to beam into Geelong via WIN TV’s Tasmania’s signal. Residents in Newtown, the Surf Coast, Teesdale and Bellarine Peninsula were able to see the show, according to the Geelong Advertiser.

Geelong Antenna Services owner Michael Gogurevic said that incidents of co-channel interference were common during hot spells; with signals travelling up to 400 kmh depending on the conditions, above the usual 50 to 60 kmh.

Gogurevic said that it was not uncommon that Geelong receives Ballarat’s signal.

WIN TV refused to comment.