quarterlife moves from NBC to Bravo

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quarterlife was set to become the first show to crossover from the web to mainstream television and it failed, with only a measly 3.86 million on NBC. Rivals ABC and CBS had higher numbers, but all were less than 10 million.

Now Marshall Herskovitz, the creator of quarterlife, has gotten his wish as the show is now being moved to sister station Bravo, after recent comments he made that the show would work better on cable.

An air date is unknown, but the 5 unaired episodes can be seen on the show’s official website where it’s being split up into five 10-minute parts per episode. The show is expected to finish in March online.

A second season is unknown, but is unlikely.

However, it is not all bad news for NBC Universal, as MSNBC’s final 36 minutes of the Democratic debate and the 24-minute “The Post-Debate Navel-Lint-Picking Show,” with Chris Matthews and Keith Olberman were ranked no.1 for all of television, according to the Washington Post.

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