Underbelly hits more trouble online

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The numbers of people downloading and uploading this year’s controversial drama Underbelly has now crept into the thousands and is growing, with more episodes being added that have yet to air on Nine and its affiliates.

This latest controversy could see the government trying to block the offending sites, or even worse – shut down the internet, which will never happen.

The series is currently banned in Victoria due to a Supreme Court ruling that it could prejudice an upcoming murder trial, and won’t be shown on satellite Nine affiliate Imparja as it also broadcasts in that area.

Currently, episodes one to nine of the 13-part series are now up for download on a variety of sites, including The Pirate Bay, Mininova and ISOhunt. Nine has broadcast only three, with the fourth airing tonight.

According to News.com.au, more than 3000 users were attempting to download episode seven this afternoon. These copies are known as “screener” versions of the series. These versions were specifically made for people in the television industry.

The Nine Network has said that it will consider legal action, and is still in the process on finding out how copies of the series got into the hands of underworld figures, including Roberta Williams, the former wife of Carl Williams.

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