R rating may not go ahead after all…

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The controversial R18+ rating for games may not go ahead at all as it is still opposed by at least one state attorney-general, a spokesperson has confirmed.

The issue has sparked many debates over the course of the election year and even beyond that. It became an issue in 2005 after it was raised in the Committee of Attorneys-General (SCAG). The issue will be raised up again on March 28th.

Currently, any game that exceeds a rating of MA15+ will be automatically be refused classification and can’t be distributed, imported or sold in Australia. The classification system can be modified if there is an agreement from the federal and state and territory attorneys-general.

However, the South Australia’s Attorney-General’s spokesperson has said that he will maintain his long-running opposition to the proposed system. As well, he will not consider the rating even if there are measures to protect children from being exposed to adult content.

“The Attorney-General remains very firmly opposed to introducing an R rating for computer games in Australia,” the spokesperson said to News.com.au.

Comparing it to international video game rating system, most have an adult or 18+ category.

The Interactive Entertainment Association of Australia (IEAA) has called for “more consistent rating system to bring Australia into alignment with the rest of the world”.