AU Game ratings reviewed?

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The long-running debate over whether the OLFC should establish an R18+ classification for computer games will be discussed over an upcoming Standing Committee of Attorneys-Generals (SCAG) meeting.

Currently, the highest rating is MA 15+ and anything over it is then classified “Refused Classification”, meaning it can’t be sold or distributed. Since the introduction of having television, cinema, video games and DVD classifications to be the same; the highest is R 18+; except in television, where it is AV 15+.

There is another classification level titled X 18+, but that cannot be sold in the states, but can be imported from or bought from the territories or from the internet.

The very debate was last touched on at a SCAG meeting in November 2005, but decided that further evidence was needed for such a rating was required.

However, it is unlikely that a decision will be made to include the R 18+ to the video game classification system anytime soon. Currently, there is no timeframe or deadline for when a decision would be made.

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