LG stops sales of laptops after meltdown

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LG Electronics has said on Friday that it has halted sales of a laptop model after a consumer reported that the battery inside had melted down.

LG Chem Ltd., an affiliate to LG, created the batteries and have said that it is still investigating on the matter, according to LG Electronics spokesman Kim Jik-soo. Kim also said that the batteries are designed to dissolve as a safety feature to avoid a potential explosion.

The laptop model is unknown, but according to AP, it is no longer produced and was not made internationally but for South Korea.

The battery melted when a graduate student was using his computer, and reported it to a LG service center. In January, another battery produced by the same company exploded with LG saying an independent investigation, conducted earlier this month, showed that it was it was caused by “an external shock under an extremely high temperature.

LG’s personal computer business, which includes its laptops, accounted for 2.5 percent of sales last year.

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