Havard site hacked and leaked

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SECURITY BREACH: Hackers upload entire contents, including databases and login information.

TorrentFreak is reporting that the Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences has seen a major security breach as site databases, server backups and contact databases were then posted to The Pirate Bay as a 125mb torrent.

The torrent in question has claimed that it contains 3 databases; joomla.sql (the site), contacts.sql (the contacts) and hgs.sql (other things). It is also seeded by a Harvard IP address. So far, the torrent has not been taken down.

“This is the backup of gsas.harvard.edu. We have release it because we want demostration the insecurity of [Harvard’s] server,” the uploaders said. It is unknown if it was out of spite.

The file that contains the passwords also leaves a message. It reads “Thomas gatton….stupid people, you don’t use a secure password.” Thomas Gatton is the Systems Administrator and User Support Specialist at Harvard.

It should be noted that this is not the first time Harvard got hacked, with one famous incident by “Brookbond” allowed applicants to get access to the admission records in 2005.

The site is currently down.

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