Xbox 360 failure rates higher than consumer electronics

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It has been known that the XBOX 360 console has a lot of problems, including those that are currently released. Users dealt with the red rings of death, and the support that Microsoft gave. Many are on their second, third or even fourth console of the successor to the Xbox.

Now, a brand new report has been released by SquareTrade, a company that sells warranties, that it has seen a 14.6% defect rate on the consoles, according to Ars Technica.

These are based on the 1,000 warranties of the 360, and even says that the PS3 has only a 3% chance of a defect. Most of the problems are caused by the “red ring of death”, which is 60% if you want an exact number. The other 40% are unknown as of writing.

No matter what Microsoft says, it is seen to be a huge blow to the console. The system has been plauged with problems as Microsoft ‘rushed’ its release to beat both Sony and Nintendo’s next gen consoles (the PS3 and the Wii).

Microsoft has previously announced that it has extended most of its users warranties, which cost the company over $1 billion, after users complained worldwide that there were problems during the first two years of its release.

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